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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most exciting and fastest growing concepts in business today.

AlfaPeople US' CRM consultants can make it possible for your company to shift to a customer-centric focus by implementing a single, fully integrated CRM system.

Customer relationship management CRM software is used to improve services provided to customers, and to use customer contact information for targeted marketing.

CRM includes many aspects which relate directly to one another:
- Front office operations: Direct interaction with customers, e.g. face to face meetings, phone calls, e-mail, online services etc.
- Back office operations: Operations that ultimately affect the activities of the front office (e.g., billing, maintenance, planning, marketing, advertising, finance, manufacturing, etc.)
- Business relationships: Interaction with other companies and partners, such as suppliers/vendors and retail outlets/distributors, industry networks (lobbying groups, trade associations). This external network supports front and back office activities.
- Analysis — Key CRM data can be analyzed in order to plan target-marketing campaigns, conceive business strategies, and judge the success of CRM activities (e.g., market share, number and types of customers, revenue, profitability).

There are several different approaches to CRM, with different software packages focusing on different aspects:
- Customer Service: Deliver enhanced value to customers with real-time information and insights.
- Marketing: Improve your effectiveness with marketing solutions that give you a competitive advantage.
- Sales Force Automation: Boost revenues and increase your sales pipeline accuracy.

AlfaPeople US believes in the value of understanding our clients' businesses and processes in order to provide the best possible solutions for your business needs. In addition to our outstanding technical expertise, we also have in-depth knowledge and business experience in many industries from both consulting and corporate environments.

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