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Microsoft Lync Managed Services

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Our maxtime™ Managed Services for Microsoft Lync assures the health and stability of your Microsoft Unified Communications system (IM/Presence, Voice, Video, Web Conferencing and Telephony) while reducing IT support & maintenance costs. We remotely monitor key data points across your Lync environment, sending system information to our Network Operations Center where our engineers proactively manage the environment on a 24x7x365 basis.

The new Lync is the boldest and best Lync release ever, with innovation across the board. Lync has always made it easy for people to communicate wherever they are; make sure it's managed properly.

While Lync’s popularity is on the rise, many businesses outweigh positive outcomes with the pain associated in designing, planning, and deploying a new platform. To address emerging market needs, Atrion formally added Microsoft Lync-related services under the umbrella of Atrion’s innovative maxtime™ managed services portfolio, a flexible IT service that enables businesses to proactively support a wide range of IT needs. The inclusiveness and diversity of what Atrion will support in a Lync environment is rare in an industry known for being hyper-focused on product-based solutions.

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