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Network Readiness Assessment

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    UC, VoIP - Consulting & Deployment Services, UC, VoIP - Support
  • Works With:

    Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Lync 2010, Microsoft Lync 2013, Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Microsoft Lync Server 2013
  • Industry Focus:

    Education, General - Applicable to All, Hosting

If your underlying network is not ready to deliver highly sensitive services like voice or video because of network delay, jitter, or packet loss, your users will immediately notice the lack of audio and video quality. User adoption will lag and the productivity increase you expected from Lync will not be realized.

Conduct a Network Readiness Assessment before deploying Lync and compare it to the Lync best performance KPIs. tekVizion Labs has performed extensive testing to develop the KPIs for an ideal network that provides the most satisfactory user experience with optimal QoS when using Lync. tekVizion's Network Readiness Assessments for Lync are performed as follows:

* Conduct a full audit of existing network topology
* Capture a weeks' simulated Lync traffic on existing network to collect KPIs
* Compare the KPIs to the tekVizion Labs ideal Lync KPIs
* Complete an analysis of the results
* Generate a report with the corrective actions.

Costs are minimized through conducting a Network Readiness Assessment remotely since it isn't necessary to have engineers onsite. The ROI for executing a Network Readiness Assessment is justified by increased productivity through user adoption and QoS of Lync.

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