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PerformancePoint Text Search Filter (DimensionX)

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The DimensionX PerformancePoint Text Search filter is a customizable filter for PerformancePoint dashboards. This filter has two key features: full text search and URL parameterization.

The text search filter is a powerful filter that allows users to easily manipulate large data sets in a dashboard filter providing the user has some knowledge of the data on which they are searching (i.e. Customer Name, Address). While PerformancePoint has several out of the box filters, none allow for filtering based on user entered searchable text. The out of the box filters allow the user to drill down into hierarchies to select an entry from the available members. But this method is not particularly user-friendly when a hierarchy or attribute could have tens of thousands of members to choose from. The out of the box filters have performance issues when the number of members exceeds 500. This configurable text search filter allows the user to enter in a known full or partial search string that will search one or multiple search fields – depending on how the filter is configured. Because the search filter is configurable, it allows the dashboard creator to customize it to the user’s needs.

URL Parameterization is an optional but major feature of the PPS filter. URL parameterization allows a search string parameter or a specific MDX member to be passed into the filter via a parameterized URL. Thus parameters can be passed from one application, for example SSRS, to the dashboard filter. This feature allows for greater integration between applications and for users to be able to continue drilling into data when switching from one application to another.

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