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Peters & Associates

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HP Hardware Solutions Provider

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    Computer/PC Training
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    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 R2... (more)
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In today’s data centers, server consolidation and cost reduction are the top-of-mind concerns. With tougheconomic conditions and rising IT operations costs,the status quo won’t do. If you’re in a data center environment, you need to work aggressively to stop server and storage sprawl, reduce energy expenditures, and make better use of your valuable floor space—while responding faster to changing business requirements.

Peters & Associates, along with HP Converged Infrastructure technologies, will help you meet these goals. They break down technology silos to bring all IT resources together into virtualized pools of assets that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service. This architecture goes beyond the current virtualization of servers, storage systems, and network connections. It brings together management tools, policies, and processes so resources can be managed in a holistic and integrated manner. It also brings together power and cooling practices so systems and facilities work synergistically to extend the life of your data center.

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