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SQL Server Database Administration

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Do you have a lot of Microsoft SQL Server databases that may not meet your business's needs? Do you have older versions of SQL Server that need to be patched or upgraded? Are you looking to implement a new SQL Server farm, either in a Virtual, On-Premise, or Cloud environment?
Project Leadership Associates (PLA) can help you with the above and many more of your SQL Server needs. We are proud to offer a series of database administration (DBA) services that cover all of the recent SQL Server versions. No matter what industry you are in, everyone has data needs and SQL Server is a great database solution to properly store,
maintain and secure your data. PLA will find a solution that meets your requirements using our vast experience and industry best practices.


SQL Upgrades: we help plan and design SQL Server database upgrades and implementations for virtual and
physical environments.

SQL Server Health Checks: includes performance monitoring, reviewing backup strategies, reviewing the
Windows and Server logs, identify any performance issues. From our health check, we will provide a series of recommendations based on industry best practices.

Database Administration Outsourcing: includes regular schedule maintenance sessions for monitoring,
troubleshooting, applying patches and service packs and reviewing logs.

Performance Optimization: including query optimization, SQL configuration optimization, memory management, disk
subsystems reviews, and index tuning.

Oracle, Sybase and MySQL Migrations: planning, designing, and migration of Oracle to a SQL Server environment.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions: we will plan, design and implement custom solutions to meet your organizations requirements.

Licensing Consultation: we will make sure it meets your short and long term needs.

Security Consultation and Compliance Audit: we will identify a security framework through client collaborative meetings with a focus on industry best practices to create an auditable security policy. Based on agreed upon security standards, we will conduct an audit of the SQL environment to confirm compliance and noncompliance to security policy and perform remediation as necessary. We will implement Policy Based Management to ensure ongoing security compliance.

• Peace of mind that your databases are properly configured and tuned for optimal performance and availability.
• A SQL environment that is flexible and scalable

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