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ZAG Technical Services, Inc.

Security Assessments and Implementations

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ZAG understands that security should permeate a network. It should be all encompassing. The need for security is obvious with a corporation’s firewalls and servers. But security is also required at the desktops and the users that operate them.

Failure to properly address all aspects of security can result in lost time, data and even leave you in violation of governmental regulations.

ZAG also generally recommends that users be unable to modify their AntiVirus settings. Users who have the ability to do so will often disable scanning on their systems in a mis-guided attempt to improve performance. This can obviously have catastrophic effects on a network. Wherever possible, it is best to limit potential problems with security.

ZAG understands that security is more than any of the above single elements. Security is the sum of the above items plus a host of others (wireless, home networks, etc.). The network as a whole has to be reviewed to determine the completeness.

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