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AT&T Hosting and Application Services

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Software-as-a-Service Enablement

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TopLineISV, AT&T’s unique enablement program for independent software vendors (ISVs), helps you through every stage of launching a successful software-as-a-service (SaaS) business. With a minimal investment, you can tap into AT&T’s infrastructure, methodologies, expertise and reputation to avoid newcomers’ missteps and immediately seize a competitive advantage.

Benefits and Features include:
- Pay as you grow; take advantage of straightforward, predictable pricing so you know exactly how your hosting costs will change as your business expands
- Reduce your financial exposure and contain costs
- Reach the market faster by tapping AT&T’s technical and business expertise
- Focus on developing and selling your software – not on hosting and delivering your product to customers
- Monitor the performance of your software in near real-time, track changes, and run reports with AT&T’s Managed Application Services Tool

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