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Solutions for Clinical Trial Professionals

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Word 2007, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Family
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    Life Sciences

Bio-Imaging Technologies and Phoenix Data Systems have joined forces to become BioClinica, delivering new value and a breakthrough in eClinical services like never before. Bringing together the power of industry-leading medical image management with best-of-breed EDC, BioClinica gives you increased quality throughout the entire lifecycle of your clinical trial — all from an established partner you can trust.

With over 2,000 successful clinical trials in both Imaging Core Lab and eClinical services, our team of experts knows how to help bring your drug or device to market in the most efficient way possible. We have experience in every phase of clinical trials and in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Cardiology, Musculoskeletal and Neurology. Our time-tested processes and total focus on quality ensure your success.

Discover how the combined power of BioClinica can help you manage your next trial with greater efficiency and increased data access — all with less risk!

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