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En Pointe Technologies, Inc.

System Management - En Pointe System Integrator Large Account Reseller

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Solution Benefits:

- Unify your IT management experience: System Center provides a single console for your core management needs. That means a single product to purchase, deploy and learn. Server, Desktop and Network monitoring, software and update management and asset inventory under a single, easy to
use, unified experience.

- Troubleshoot problems more quickly: Accidents happen, systems go down. That is why System Center provides a rich knowledge base out of the box to help you diagnose and fix critical alerts for key products like Exchange Server and SQL Server™. These management packs are optimized so you only focus on those alerts that matter.

- Simplify your patch management: System Center provides integrated patch management for Microsoft products in the Microsoft Update catalog. Additionally we’ve worked with key industry vendors to integrate their updates providing a single point of control for patch Management.

- Deploy applications easily: Are you ready for Office 2010? Essentials can help you deploy Microsoft Office with your custom settings in a snap.

- Keep track of hardware and software assets: No more spreadsheets to maintain - System Center gathers more than 60 hardware attributes and a complete inventory of the applications running on each machine. A summary inventory is available for quick troubleshooting or in the detailed report by
machine groups.

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