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Systems Management

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System Center solutions help IT pros manage the physical and virtual information technology (IT) environments across data centers, client computers, and devices. Using these integrated and automated management solutions, IT organizations can be more productive service providers to their businesses.

The Goal: Dynamic IT Management

Dynamic IT is Microsoft’s long-term strategy for providing critical technologies that enable IT and development organizations to become more strategic to their businesses. A dynamic infrastructure is Microsoft’s vision for what an agile business looks like—a business in which IT works closely with business to meet the demands of a rapidly changing and adaptable environment. Dynamic IT is Microsoft’s technology strategy for products and solutions that help businesses enhance the dynamic capability of their people, processes, and IT infrastructures.

The Role of System Center in Dynamic IT

Microsoft System Center solutions play a central role in Microsoft’s vision for helping IT organizations benefit from self-managing, dynamic systems. System Center solutions capture and aggregate knowledge about the infrastructure, policies, processes, and best practices so that IT pros can optimize IT structures to reduce costs, improve application availability, and enhance service delivery.

These integrated and automated management solutions enable IT organizations to be a more productive service providers to their businesses. Aiming to enable self-managing, dynamic systems, System Center solutions close the gap between development, operations, and IT—connecting people, processes, and tools—by evaluating dependencies and optimizing business process performance from deep inside the operating system, applications, and composite services and workflows.

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