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Hosted Lync Voice PBX with Office 365 Voicemail Integration

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Microsoft's Office 365 service does not provide Lync Voice PBX services and is not expected to provide PBX replacement service for the forseeable future. We specialize in providing Hosted Lync Voice services to existing Office 365 customers or those in process of evaluating the service.

What exactly does this mean?

Microsoft's Exchange Plan 2, E3 and E4 plans include Exchange Unified Messaging / Voicemail. And the E4 plan provides Lync Voice license rights for an additional $2/user/month vs. E3. We provide Hosted Lync Voice services that use Office 365 Unified Messaging for Voicemail, Outlook Voice Access and Auto Attendant Services. This approach allows you to leverage your Office 365 investment vs. providing alternative voicemail, voice access and auto attendant services at an additional cost.

We offer a turn-key, fixed price approach to planning, deployment and supporting Hosted Lync Voice - including the following:

- MSFT Cloud / Voice Services – end-to-end planning, procurement, deployment and ongoing managed services.
- Office 365 Voice – Hosted Lync Voice, Video and Call Center Services - geo redundant across US / Intl Datacenters.
- Office 365 SSO – Hosted AD, ADFS and Directory Synchronization.
- Office 365 Cloud/On-Premise Co-Existence – Hosted Hybrid Exchange.

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