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West Monroe Partners

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Business and Technology Solutions for Capital Markets and Trading Industry

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We have the expertise to help you deliver on your strategic initiatives and vision, minimize trade latency by managing your IT environment and processes, and improve insight into performance data through business intelligence.

We can help you:
- Create business intelligence support systems that equip your executives with timely, action-ready information for industry benchmarking and analysis.
- Improve employee communications by utilizing document collaboration tools, such as SharePoint or Office Communications Server, to enhance day-to-day knowledge management and real-time communication.
- Analyze and optimize trading system performance.
- Design and implement highly available infrastructures for voice and data networks.
- Improve system availability through systems monitoring and management.
- Implement compliant collaboration tools that adhere to industry standards; for example, CFTC requirements to retain order-related records such as e-mail or instant messages.
- Integrate systems across employees, departments, and even with your external partners to improve business scalability.
- Define strategies to improve lead generation and implement systems to manage customer information.
- Conduct IT and operational due diligence for potential acquisitions and provide merger and acquisition services post acquisition.

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