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Invensys Wonderware

Wonderware Industry Solutions for Water and Wastewater

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Today’s increasingly demanding municipal and industrial water and waste management operations environment requires an integrated and comprehensive solution. Wonderware software provides the integration of applications across departments and functions to create a comprehensive real-time operations management environment for a modern water or wastewater operation.

Wonderware offers a refreshing alternative to traditional water and wastewater SCADA systems through the Wonderware System Platform built on ArchestrA Technology. Our solution features a flexible, open, scalable software architecture that integrates with virtually any system, application or database

By linking together disparate applications into a more collaborative cohesive environment, significant savings are possible in operations workload requirements, staffing, quality improvement, and coordination of effort. Wonderware offers simplified maintenance with centralized management and remote deployment of applications.

Key Benefits:

- Regulatory compliance
- Optimized operations
- Productivity and workforce improvements
- Integrate with virtually any system, application or database
- Simple compliance reporting with automatic report generation
- Decreased overall system costs
- Simplified maintenance
- Unparalleled security to protect your system
- Secure unattended operations with “dial-out” capabilities
- Increased reliability and dependability of SCADA system

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