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Application Lifecycle Management Assessment

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For large enterprise organizations: Avanade’s ALM Assessment will help define your current capabilities from User Experience to Knowledge Transfer, and help you put in place a roadmap to improve the capabilities that matter most to you and your business whether it’s leveraging the power of your offshore resources to reducing the overall cost of development. Avanade will guide you through the assessment process in three separate steps.

1. Assess: The assessment consists of a series of questions covering different areas of development to learn the extent of your current capability. The assessment can be done for a single project or an entire organization. We cover all aspects of the development lifecycle from requirements gathering to deployment and operation. The assessment is technology agnostic and will provide a final report on area capability ratings taking into account the dynamics of your organization.

2. Plan: Avanade can help you plan a roadmap to identify and prioritize those areas which are most important to you in terms of current maturity and impact on your business.

3. Migrate: Moving to a new model of work while keeping projects in-flight is not straightforward. You must assess the capacity of your current development infrastructure as well as take into account application release plans.

Avanade can help you perform a successful migration by bringing skills from all disciplines. Avanade brings the experience of our global delivery teams to help you realize the true potential of your development capability.

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