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Avanade’s Trade Promotion Management

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For large enterprise organizations: Effective trade promotion management can yield a 2% to 4% improvement in return on sales, according to industry analysis like Accenture Research. But ERP-based solutions are difficult to access by field sales reps. And a smattering of notes, emails and spreadsheets don’t allow for effective collaboration between sales reps and sales managers.

Avanade’s Trade Promotion Management solution provides full lifecycle process management, with support for annual planning, volume management and revenue forecasting. We use Excel as the interface; it is intuitive to users, provides excellent offline support and quickly allows data slicing and dicing and what-if analysis. We use SharePoint, an enterprise grade platform, for security, collaboration and integration services. This allows sales reps and sales managers to collaborate, share best practices and recognize trends and high return activities. With support for year-over-year tracking, we can create an invaluable repository of trade promotion data custom tailored to your specific business needs. You can also integrate with ERP systems like SAP and salesforce.com to feed established existing enterprise level modeling packages. Our system’s design is amazingly flexible, because it’s built in Excel. New customers are up-and-running with a custom implementation in about ten weeks.

Collaborate with your team. Track your business the way your run it. See the financial impacts as you tune your promotion strategies and tactics. Improve your return on sales by implementing Avanade’s Trade Promotion Solution.

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