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Avanade Online Services (AOS)

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For large enterprise organizations: Avanade Online Services (AOS) is an end-to-end SaaS platform optimized for the delivery of Microsoft business solutions. AOS provides the benefit of Avanade-tailored and -integrated business applications, without the delays and complexities of in-house implementations. Unlike point products from cloud computing and hosting vendors, AOS offers a flexible approach to application delivery that lowers risk, reduces cost, and speeds time to value.

AOS provides customers with seven benefits:

- Improves productivity
- Optimizes operations
- Facilitates collaboration
- Provides agility
- Accelerates deployment
- Reduces risk
- Lowers cost

Key elements of the Avanade AOS offering:

- Data centers worldwide
- Secure environment, data privacy protections
- 24 x 7 support
- Application Outsourcing of Microsoft Apps
- Infrastructure Outsourcing, more than just hosting
- Added value of Avanade Productivity Platform assets

Value We Deliver

Agility: AOS provides you with the ability to respond quickly to opportunities with new business applications that deliver immediate business value.

Cost effectiveness: AOS optimizes the SaaS delivery of Microsoft applications with proven prebuilt enterprise functionality, integration expertise, and operational excellence to reduce costs and accelerate time to value.

Comprehensive solution: AOS delivers Microsoft enterprise business applications globally. It combines infrastructure, support, and maintenance with Avanade’s proven assets, IP, and expertise as a complete solution to speed time to value, increase performance, and lower risk.

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