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Business Intelligence Services

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For large enterprise organizations: Companies once viewed information management methods such as Business Intelligence (BI) as a feature that was nice to have, but not always necessary. No longer. Organizations are dealing with information overload—and they need ways to get to pertinent data fast.

Avanade Business Intelligence services can help you uncover fundamental business value from your corporate data and transform it into a strategic business asset. Using our deep industry experience, assets and proven implementation approaches, we’ll work with you to craft a business intelligence strategy. We focus on building business intelligence services that fit your unique business requirements, integrate with your existing infrastructure and align with your company’s goals. You’ll be able to:

- Improve efficiency throughout the enterprise.

- Gain fresh, intelligent insights through meaningful, actionable information.

- Identify and respond to market opportunities more quickly.

- Build out a sustainable data management and architecture strategy.

Representative services include:
- Information Architecture
- Performance Management
- Reporting and analytics

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