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Case and Grants Management for CRM 2011

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For large enterprise organizations: The Right Results, the First Time

For both public and commercial organizations, managing cases, processing claims and allocating grants are some of the most complex, data-heavy and time consuming customer interactions.

Achieving the right results can have a big impact on your business.

Avanade’s Case and Grant Management solution is configurable, flexible and adaptable, simplifying processes while increasing speed, maximizing control and reducing costs. The solution can help to reduce the complexities of case management and help your organization achieve the right results.

Processing cases generates a huge quantity of data, often through multiple communication channels. Organizations risk wasting vast amounts of time and money if they are unable to locate specific information, such as case histories or the current status of claim applications.

Avanade can show you how CRM technology, working with our unique intellectual property, can help you manage these activities seamlessly with one intuitive solution.

It’s easily adapted to your unique needs and can be integrated with other systems such as ERP, Business Intelligence and finance, to improve operational efficiency, end-to-end.

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