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Forms Automation for Healthcare Providers

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Identity Management, Privacy, Document Management, Purchasing, Procurement
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    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Solutions for... (more)
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    General - Applicable to All, Healthcare

The clinical forms automation solution for healthcare providers includes electronic forms that can be used to gather, share, reuse, and manage information. Form Automation can also help reduce errors by ensuring complete, legible, and timely capture of patient information.

Key features include:
- Automatic validation of entered information - When a caregiver completes a form, the content is checked to ensure that all required information was gathered and that the information in each field is appropriate.
- Reuse of data - Forms streamline the process of gathering, reusing, and sharing clinical and administrative information. Forms can automatically store and pull data as needed.
- Integration with other systems - Can be configured to work with other systems, such as drug interaction databases, which can warn a caregiver if recommended drugs might adversely interact with each other.
- Enhanced security - Forms can be designed to add a caregiver’s credentials for auditing and reporting purposes.
- Alerts and notifications - When a patient’s status is updated, the physician can receive an automatic alert by e-mail or pager.
- HL7-formatting - Forms can be automatically converted into HL7 format, making them compatible with most hospital systems.

Caregivers can view each form’s status through one, centralized portal. This can provide a Web-based central repository that allows staff to more easily share updates and changes in patient status with other team members without leaving their computer or department.

Time stamps and electronic “initials” on each procedure or process form provide automatic documentation authoring. This can enable more accurate audit trails for billing and compliance purposes as well as resource planning.

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