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Avanade Inc

Connected Retail – Software and Services

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
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| Differentiate your customer experience while streamlining operations |
Today's retail customers expect flexible interaction channels that empower them to shop where and when they want – supported by personalized offers, high product availability and assortment, and rich product information that enhances their shopping experience. Retailers who are slow to respond to changing consumer preferences risk erosion of their brand influence and profits.

Whether your business is expanding, opening up new channels or replacing outdated systems, Avanade provides the retail technology and expertise you need to help you connect, transform, and optimize your retail management systems and processes.

| Connect |
We help you implement innovative retail management with retail-specific components that connect store, headquarters and supply chain all the way from planning and initial ordering to selling and replenishment.

| Transform |
We apply industry-leading practices that enable you to transform your retail management processes and systems, allowing your people to focus on what they do best and the organization to reach its full potential.

| Optimize |
We provide assets, tools and methods that help you continually optimize business processes, technology and usability in order to grow revenues, reduce costs, increase margins and maximize efficiency.

Avanade Connected Retail, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail, helps you:
• Improve customer satisfaction by enabling your customers to shop across multiple channels
• Use mobile technology in new ways to create engaging customer experience as well improve efficiency
• Improve availability by streamlining merchandise replenishment
• Reduce inventory costs by gaining a 360-degree view into inventory flow
• Enhance your brand by quickly responding to dynamic market conditions with flexible pricing and promotions

Avanade has helped retailers across the globe connect, transform and optimize their retail processes and systems. Our retail industry expertise and our in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft platform can help you too address changing customer expectations, whether you want to focus on one area of the business or fundamentally transform your operations from stores and e-commerce through to supply chain and back office.

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