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Implementing Microsoft Communication and Collaboration Solutions in the Cloud

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deNuvem specializes in the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 to address the communication and collaboration needs of small- to medium-sized businesses.

Office 365 give your people an intuitive and affordable way to share information, files, business processes, calendars, instant messages, and more by bringing together online versions of Microsoft's most trusted email and collaboration software in a single package.

deNuvem helps clients by:

- Determining how Office 365 can align with their business model
- Providing comprehensive implementation, training, and support services

Through the use of cloud services, clients have the potential to:

- Get the value of enterprise-level services at a reduced overall cost
- Enjoy a reliable, world-class software experience, hosted and managed on the secure Microsoft network
- Scale their business with a click by deploying the solutions they need, when they need them

Unlike many of our competitors, deNuvem brings together a unique blend of years of experience in the technology realm as well as the business sector, giving them the rare perspective to take into account both sides of the equation and provide truly comprehensive solutions.

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Implementation of Office365

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