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Project Leadership Associates

Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS)

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If your business is planning to migrate to Windows 7 or Office 2010, Project Leadership Associates (PLA) can help you immediately start realizing a return on your investment by eliminating many of the time-consuming manual tasks otherwise associated with managing your desktop environment.

PLA offers your organization 1 to 15 days of deployment planning services (up to a $15,000 value) based on the amount of software assurance that is purchased with Microsoft Office software. By leveraging this benefit, your company will be better poised to take advantage of emerging technologies such as Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Key benefits of DDPS Include:

- Focus will be on every aspect of desktop infrastructure, from planning an efficient and effective deployment of Windows and Office, to managing the cost, risk, time, and complexity of your desktop infrastructure
- Provides enforcement to settings implemented on the desktop to help maintain a pristine and consistent environment to support
- Centralization of key configurations makes it easier to develop and maintain a standard desktop environment
- When working with a best-in-class service provider such as PLA, you can help increase your team’s awareness and understanding of the current best practices as they apply directly to your business scenario and the tools to help them streamline the management of your desktop environment

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