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PSC Group, LLC

Enterprise Business Intelligence

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, Windows SharePoint Services
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    General - Applicable to All, Manufacturing

Although it goes by many names – Business Intelligence (BI), Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Balanced Score Card, or Operational Business Intelligence OBI), BI enables organizations to look at their business both operationally or analytically in a variety of formats including dashboards and active reporting. While senior managers have always had powerful planning and analytical tools to perform the more traditionally strategic and analytical BI -- a perspective only provided a view through the rear view mirror – the entire organization can now use these same tools to monitor their day-to-day operations. These days, as the world becomes more “real time”, the need for fast and accurate business intelligence has become more important than ever.

Businesses are refocusing on increasing productivity at the worker level while, at the same time, continuing to reduce costs. Operational improvement has emerged as a top priority for most organizations. They want to deliver critical information to all levels as they work together to carry out the company's day-to-day business. The new direction is to bring BI to a wider audience, do it real-time, and make it an integral part of the on-going business process. For some companies, this will trigger a significant change in the way the do business on the front lines and in the IT department. It will also mean introducing portals and dashboards as the newest forms of BI technology.

PSC is offering the latest in BI products and services. Our BI tools can range from a single dashboard and reporting product to a fully integrated, scalable platform that access information from almost unlimited number of source. What ever your need, we can help you make the right choice.

We know that having real-time information, including metrics, presented in reports and on dashboards, is no longer just a business advantage, but a business requirement. With the availability of newer information management tools and portal technology, information-as-it-happens is now accessible to all departments and at all levels. The new mantra is “if you can’t see it, track it, or measure it as you are doing it, you shouldn’t be doing it.” On this we agree. BI is the only way you “should be doing it”.

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