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Franklin Computer Services

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Franklin Moves

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Our goal at Franklin Moves is to provide you with the tools and services necessary to execute a successful, organized, cost-effective move, resulting in minimal downtime, enabling your employees to return to their primary tasks as quickly as possible.

Our offerings include: Move Project Planning, Move Project Management, Move Advisor, Technology Implementation, Move Document Library and Disconnect/Reconnect for PCs, Servers and Telcom.

The Premium Moves Package for Small Business allows businesses to fully benefit from the years of experience and knowledge as well as problems unique to the business in question. No two moves are alike; as a result, the unexpected cannot always be anticipated. This plan ensures clients will have support throughout the process and will have guidance in understanding which documents and processes from the library are applicable at which stages. Additional Move advisor hours can be added as needed for a discounted rate off of our list pricing.

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