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Internet Job Board Development and Content Management

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Infusion’s user experience team works directly with agencies to devise a strategy for enhancing the way job seekers find and apply for jobs on the website. With a SharePoint website, job seekers can easily browse job listings, create an account, and apply for a job. In addition, profiles and applications are tracked and updated for subsequent visits.

The registration process is optimized to make the experience efficient and engaging for businesses and job seekers. In a recent solution, Infusion worked to reduce the number of fields users were required to input and deployed auto-fill capabilities in the application form. Previously, submissions required upwards of 8 minutes, but now most users are able to complete applications in 60 seconds. Among the other components Infusion developers implemented was a library of content-based microsites integrated with data tracking and analytic capabilities.

The SharePoint website provides the following benefits to job agencies:

- Creating a seamless application process where an applicant can upload a resume to the website and complete an application in several quick steps, often in under a minute.
- Developing workflows that help publish new content and automate review and approval processes, allowing job agencies to improve the time-to-market for information on the site while maintaining control of branding and messaging.

In a recent solution, a client's organic search represented less than 2% of total traffic before 2008, but by 2009, their organic search grew to 30% of site traffic.

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