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Office 365 Integration and Deployment Planning Services

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For large organizations: Successful Office 365 deployment projects are built on a strong foundation. Increase the likelihood that you’ll meet your project deployment schedules and deliver with high customer satisfaction by effectively planning your deployment. Select one or several of our integration and deployment planning services to maximize your end-users’ satisfaction and mitigate potential deployment risks.

Services include:

- Directory Preparation – Tuning-up Active Directory before integrating with the cloud eliminates project delays. Our tools identify non-compliant objects and attributes and we together work on a resolution.

- Cloud integration – Integrating your directory and messaging environment with the cloud should be completed and tested before velocity migration. Our tools help size on-premise integration hardware and our people help you develop your co-existence strategy.

- Client Components deployment – Many organizations upgrade Microsoft Office in conjunction with an Office 365 deployment. And Office 365 services such as Lync rely on client side components to utilize the services to the maximum potential.

- Networking upgrades – A shift to cloud computing often drives networking upgrades. Our tools identify bottlenecks and suggest appropriate networking capacity.

- Migration planning – Prior to the start of migration, Avanade helps customers develop clear migration plans. This includes: end-user change management, IT change management, end-user communications, escalations and support, user scheduling with a deferral option, and a logistics plan.

We’re involved in over 1,770,000 seats of Microsoft Online and Office 365, and Microsoft recommends us because of our experience.

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