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ZAG Technical Services, Inc.

Remote Access Solutions

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Remote access is a widespread requirement in today’s business world. Users need to be connected to their data no matter where they are. There are many ways to accomplish this, depending on the business needs of any given environment. Remote access to e-mail is now an obvious necessity. This need is fulfilled more simply and effectively than ever before. If done properly, the remote access solution is nearly as efficient as working locally on the network. RPC/HTTPS is by far one of the best remote access solutions for e-mail. 
User’s Outlook clients act the same whether they are on the corporate network or around the world at a remote site and the clients are synched up when reconnected to the network. SmartPhones give users convenient access from anywhere. E-mail, calendars and contacts are synched to a user’s cell phone. Of course, you are dependent upon the cell phone network, so performance may vary. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a very acceptable option for remote access to email; it is growing close to being as feature rich as the full Outlook client. 
Be it from a remote office, while traveling, or working from home, ZAG delivers remote access connectivity to applications utilizing Citrix. We offer seamless applications that appear to the end user just as if they are running locally on their desktop.

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