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Retail Industry Solution for Microsoft Surface

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For large enterprise organizations: In the world of retail, keeping existing customers while continuing to attract new ones poses many challenges. Competition for customers is fierce, and many retailers today are struggling to enhance their brand excitement, increase revenues and control costs in a tumultuous economic environment. Customer loyalty and brand affinity are the goals of many retailers today. But to earn it, they must learn how to specifically target their customers’ wants and interests with the right offer at the right time.

Avanade and Accenture have jointly developed and deployed numerous innovative Microsoft solutions to help retailers:

- Deliver a distinct and more interactive retail buying experience tailored to the products a retailer sells and their customer base.

- Empowering their customers with all the knowledge about their offerings to make informed decisions—even before they enter a store.

- Providing consistent and accurate information in light of ever-changing inventories and product specifications.

Avanade, enterprise technology services provider, has proven experience in developing solutions based on Microsoft technologies in the field of Touch, especially when using Microsoft Surface to create applications with a high degree of interactivity and realism. Over the years, Avanade has designed and developed for Microsoft Surface applications designed to meet the demands of its clients to offer their unique and innovative experience.

Let us help your retail business craft a customized strategy that puts your customers’ experience first, whether in the store or visiting your Web site. Avanade is proud to be a Surface Premier Partner.

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