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Your SQL server database is the bedrock of your business. The experts at Agile IT understand this; more importantly, they understand how to help you get even more from this powerful, critical resource.

Agile IT's trained and certified SQL consultants have a singular blend of skills and insight gleaned from years of hands-on Microsoft SQL server performance and tuning optimization.

Additionally, as each and every Agile IT consultant specializes exclusively in Microsoft technology, they will bring the product-specific expertise you require on your time-, cost-, and security-sensitive SQL server projects.

Additionally, Agile IT has precise and proven experience in SQL Server migration, should you be considering moving your database operations to a more scalable server. Microsoft SQL Server can easily scale database operations for customers, improve IT and developer efficiency, and enable managed, user-generated business intelligence.

If you have done the research, you'll find that there are many options for you when it comes to choosing a Microsoft SQL Server consultant. But with Agile IT, you get the added benefit of a team that not only brings the foundational understanding of SQL Server and is Microsoft certified--givens when choosing a SQL consultant--but also brings proven business intelligence to the table.

With Agile IT, you'll not only solve the SQL Server challenges in front of you; you'll be prepared with the technology and know-how you need to overcome the challenges and spot the opportunities that are certain to come as well.

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deep expertise in SQL optimization

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