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Windows PowerShell Jumpstart (United States)

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Project Leadership Associates (PLA) is proud to offer clients the opportunity to take advantage of enterprise automation using Microsoft Windows PowerShell. This program is designed to help expedite the adoption and understanding of
the Windows PowerShell technology and offers the knowledge and expertise to automate nearly any task in simple and complex network environments. PLA’s Windows PowerShell Jumpstart assists in setting up your IT environment for Windows Server and Client interactive and background remote management, script deployment using SSL encryption,
and much more. This jumpstart provides a one-one-one arrangement with dedicated attention from a senior level consultant that specializes in Microsoft automation practices.

As part of this JumpStart program, a senior consultant will:
• Conduct a high level assessment of the network and server environment
• Meet with your staff to determine the core requirements around Microsoft automation
• Review manual and automated configuration process for Windows PowerShell Remoting, including PKI for SSL
encryption with technical staff
• Configure existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to support secure PowerShell Remoting [Optional]
• Create Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) to ensure appropriate PowerShell Remoting configuration
• Perform knowledge transfer for core PowerShell concepts including usage of cmdlets, external modules, and
Remoting feature
• Demonstrate PowerShell Remoting capabilities on up to 25 clients or servers
• Describe benefits and build examples of PowerShell Workflow and Desired State Configuration (DSC)
• Save time, accomplish more, and sleep better at night through automation
• Automate nearly all aspects of your IT environment
• Deploy scripts securely through firewall-friendly HTTP or HTTPS connections
• Rapidly build customized reports from real-time data against thousands of systems
• Empower your IT groups to gain centralized, real-time perspective of IT systems
• Manage all Windows operating systems, including clients and servers, using out-of-box technology
• (New in PowerShell 4.0) Develop and deploy custom, self-healing configuration items

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