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DocKIT for SharePoint

by Vyapin

DocKIT for SharePoint is a powerful application for migrating documents, NTFS permissions, data and their associated metadata properties from network file shares, file servers and local hard drives to Microsoft SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007.

- Migrate folders and files into SharePoint libraries from various file servers and network shares into SharePoint libraries.

- Carry forward default file properties, including custom Office document properties to the respective documents in SharePoint.

- Tag custom metadata sets to populate and update document properties.

- Retain original date fields and author fields of files after moving them to SharePoint.

- Retain NTFS permissions by mapping them to equivalent SharePoint Site Permission Levels and assign permissions to folders & files.

- Apply complex migration rules to filter files from file shares based on file types, file names, file sizes and other file properties.

- Automate your entire migration process, with the ability to correct and rectify migration errors using the pre-migration validation tool.

- Migrate contents from file shares to on-premise SharePoint servers and SharePoint Online in Office 365 (Standard) environment using a single application.

DocKIT has a proven track record of saving several man-days when migrating over 1.5 TB of documents with metadata to Microsoft SharePoint.

DocKIT stands out from the rest of the competing products for its following differentiators:

- Easy installation and subscription processes.

- Easy integration with existing infrastructure without requiring supplementary hardware specifications.

- Easy to use GUI that does not mandate tedious end-user training.

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