Cadena Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Cadena Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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Phone: +84 (8) 39972760 x212
Fax: +84 (8) 3844-5921

Legal History

1992: Establishment of Cadena B.V. in the Netherlands.
1994: Expanding of Cadena to Poland, Cadena Poland.
1996: Expanding of Cadena to Asia in Vietnam as Rep Office: intermediary,
market research.
2000: Cadena operates under license as Division of Vietnamese company Suoi Tien Co. Ltd. Trading and Services. From this time Cadena in Vietnam is independent from Cadena Europe.
2002: Cadena operates under directly controlled, Vietnamese Company Business Licensed, Cao De Nang Co. Ltd.
2005: Establishment of a 100 Foreign Owned License where the software development and network maintenance services are accommodated. General Manager, Drs. Mark Ketelaars, Dutch national, is private owner. Mr. Ketelaars is involved with the company since 1997. Directly controlled Vietnamese Company Business Licensed, Cao De Nang Co. Ltd., is used for trading activities (not allowed yet for foreign companies in Vietnam).
2006: a minority Dutch shareholder is invited to the company.

Business Units
Company is divided in 4 Business Units:

A) Office Solutions BU (Local markets): operational since 1996.
- Network and Computer Maintenance (about 30 contracts).
- Network building including OS, file, and mail server setup.
- Web and Email hosting through our servers in Vietnam, Singapore and US.
- Linux development (in house) regarding servers and firewalls.

B) Business Software BU (Indochinese markets):
operational since 2002.
- In house developed: Cadena HRM Series.
- Third party: POS Pixel Point, PMS RoomMaster.

C) Custom Software and Websites BU (Outsourcing and local markets):
operational since 2002.
- Websites and web shops by MS ASP and PHP
- Custom software regarding ERP and Sales software applications

D) CAD Conversion BU: AutoCad conversion from paper to 2D/3D, 2D to 3D and 3D to 2D. Industries are constructional, mechanical and naval engineering.

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