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Services for Windows Azure Platform

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Windows® Azure platform is fast becoming a leading platform to address how efficiently IT resources are used. At Avanade, we help you take advantage of everything Windows Azure has to offer—from migrating legacy applications to creating custom solutions.

Our Azure Application Migration solutions can help you:

-Move applications out of “legacy” environments to the cloud, to take advantage of low-cost, low-touch runtime environments.

-Scale easily and on demand to provide capacity only when you need it and to handle unexpected load changes.

-Quickly improve performance and reduce costs through our unique portfolio of design assets, frameworks, reusable components and thought leadership.

-Reduce the time it takes to pilot and test solutions with much higher availability.

-Significantly increase the capacity of your existing infrastructure and achieve high-performance computing.

-Rapidly improve your business agility and flexibility while simultaneously reducing infrastructure, maintenance and energy costs.

Avanade services for cloud migration can help you boost your return on investment, giving you an optimised total cost of ownership. For instance, we’ve found that migrating solutions to the Windows Azure platform can improve their performance up to 50 percent—while simultaneously lowering operational costs and downtime.

Our cloud computing and migration services for the Windows Azure platform include a proven process of evaluation, assessment, proof-of-concept and delivery. Our highly skilled and experienced workforce can deliver the right mix of project support at scale so you can achieve the full value of the Windows Azure platform quickly and predictably.

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