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Office 365 Migration (BPOS)

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If you wish to migrate from on-premise solutions to Microsoft Office 365, Avanade offers comprehensive Transition Services and Operational Services. Our combination of services includes mailbox and application migration and service management. We gain a thorough understanding of your present and future organisational needs to help you make informed decisions in choosing the most appropriate communications and collaboration capabilities for your business.

Avanade has an industry-leading price for migrations, and our assets reduce deployment times by 30% over customer-led migrations. We have delivered more Office 365 seats than anyone else but Microsoft, and are currently engaged in delivering many Office 365 projects—more than any other partner. We stand ready to ensure migration success.

Avanade technicians and consultants have:

- Developed assets to support smooth implementations.

- Tested all the major migration tools for both Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

- Completed more than 20 million platform-to-platform and/or version-to-version mailbox migrations.

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