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iCore Solutions

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Virtualization is considered the best choice to help Enterprise using all resource effectively. With Virtualization it is possible to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same SERVER at the same time, increasing the utilization and flexibility of hardware. Virtualization today was expanded to desktop, storage …
iCore is a strategic partner of VMware, a provider of leading virtualization solution in the world, always provide to your company the best solutions to suit each specific request.
Cloud (Cloud Computing), also known as virtual server computing, is a computing model using computer technology and Internet-based development.
Presently the cloud has become the trend of technology that cannot be changed. Organizations and companies have many promising opportunities to use telecommunications infrastructure - IT as a service, help reduce the investment of equipment, software, switch to use as charged...
iCore Solutions is a partner of Microsoft, its leading Cloud today. Microsoft's service aimed at organizations, small and medium size companies. This suite consists of three main components, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Lync Online. This is the main applications for companies such as email collaboration, document management system and unified communications such as chat, video calls, online meetings, online presentation

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