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Synergy-Pro Lansupport Service Desk

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Service Desk– an overview

A service desk is simply a channel set up within a company to handle queries or issues raised by both potential and existing customers(internal or external). In its simplest implementation, it need not be automated but the following section gives good reasons why it should be.

Service desk software can allow you to record every phone call and let your technical support personnel key the relevant data for the call and their response.

Synergy-Pro features

Easy to use web interface for accurate first time record of calls.

Intuitive web interface requires minimal training for helpdesk personnel

Mail monitor routes emails into requests for attention by relevant personnel

Web-enabled allowing customers to log their call requests on-line

Quick filter and comprehensive search for easy tracking of a particular call

Automated call assigning linked to pre-determined call categories.

Optional Auto assign facility automatically routes requests to pre-determined support-reps

On manual assign, only support staff qualified for a particular category are displayed ensuring calls assigned to right personnel.

Notification of support staff via in-built mail, email or wireless devices.

Personalized home page for each support person displays all new and outstanding requests for the particular support-rep.

Audible alerts for incoming calls or messages while users are logged on

Optional Notification by email, SMS or alphanumeric pagers

Personal Hot lists displayed on each users home page

Access to client history, knowledgebase, collaborative messaging increases efficiency.

Searchable Knowledgebase increases the number of calls that can be resolved by first-line support

Alert for Inventory items with a history with easy access to previous service calls

Access to clients previous call history, which may be useful in resolving current issues.

System-wide broadcast messaging allows administrative personnel notify users of issues affecting everyone e.g. virus alerts.

Each call can be broken down to a number of activities each with a deadline for call requests that require a number of action items for resolution.

Synergy-Monitor silently tracks calls, alerting management when any call’s progress falters.

Synergy Monitor monitors each call continuously and notifies the administrator immediately any of the pre-set service criterion are breached.

Synergy-Mail supports MAPI and SMTP

Easy integration with current solutions

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