About Microsoft Pinpoint

Pinpoint helps business customers find technology experts, software applications, and professional services that solve specific business issues and support long-term goals.

At the same time, Pinpoint helps developers and technology service providers get applications and professional services to the customers who need them.

Whether you’re searching for expert help or offering it, Pinpoint helps you create business opportunities that contribute to your success.

Product Marketplaces Powered by Pinpoint

The Pinpoint platform is now powering several Microsoft product-specific marketplaces to give you greater visibility to Microsoft partners with expertise in specific Microsoft products and product groups, and who can best address your business issues and support your long-term goals. Search by product, business issue or location. Use the filters to fine-tune your search to find exactly what you need. With listings to serve you both locally and worldwide, finding the right expert, application or service is easier than ever.

The marketplace also helps developers and service providers get applications and professional services to the customers who need them.

Microsoft partners who create a profile for any marketplace powered by Pinpoint will also appear on the Microsoft Pinpoint site.

Make Pinpoint Work for You

If you’re a customer:

If you’re a Microsoft partner:

Microsoft Pinpoint is a service to assist our business customers and is not intended for individual consumer use. Microsoft has no responsibility or liability of any kind for the third-party software, solutions, services, and training listed on the site. Any reference to a partner as being “certified” reflects that partner’s status in the Microsoft Partner Network. Microsoft does not certify or endorse third-party software applications. You are solely responsible for selecting, evaluating, and determining whether any third-party offering listed on this site is appropriate for your use, and your use of any such offering will be subject solely to the terms agreed between you and the party offering the software, solution, service, or training.