Customer Ratings and Review Guidelines

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You can submit both positive and negative feedback about the companies, applications, and services listed on this site.

An average rating is also generated based upon how you apply our 5-star ratings criteria to five different categories related to quality and service. There is an additional comments field where you can include more details about why you like or dislike a company, application, or professional service.

Go to the page of the company, application, or service you want to review.

  1. Click Submit a Review at the bottom of the page of the company, application, or service you wish to review. The Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) sign-in page will appear.
  2. Sign in to the marketplace using your Microsoft account credentials. A Ratings and Review page for the company, application, or service you want to review will appear, including a ratings and review form, and instructions on how to fill out the form.
  3. Follow the instructions to rate and review this company, application, or service.

Note: If you review a company, application or professional service that is listed in multiple product marketplaces (Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365 or System Center), your review will appear in all product marketplaces in which the company or offering is listed. The review will not appear on Pinpoint or product marketplaces in countries other than the country in which it was submitted.

For privacy reasons, you will be asked to create a nickname to submit your review. After you submit a review, it will go live on the site immediately. However, it could take up to two weeks to see the review count updated. Reviews must comply with the Microsoft Terms of Use and the guidelines below.


What to Include
  • A title that briefly summarizes the opinion expressed in the review.
  • Specific statements and details about what you liked or disliked about your experience with the company, application, or service. Overly brief and vague reviews may not be published.
  • Comparisons to similar companies, applications, or services if appropriate.

Note: The Pinpoint and marketplace teams assess all reviews and will delete those that appear to be false or created by someone in the company. Writing reviews for your own company or "spamming" either positively or negatively will not be tolerated.

What Not to Include
  • Information that may quickly go out of date.
  • Comments on other reviews or reviewers.
  • Overly brief or general comments that are vague and inconsequential.
  • Language that other users may find offensive.
  • False or misleading statements.
  • Names, phone numbers and addresses that can be linked to a specific individual.
  • HTML tags or URLs.

Note: Reviews should be based on facts—what happened, what was delivered, level of service, and product quality. Reviews that include name-calling, swearing, unsubstantiated generalizations, or derogatory language will be deleted.

Replies to Your Reviews
Companies can respond to your reviews on Pinpoint and the Microsoft product marketplace sites. If your review indicates dissatisfaction, the company may respond to defend their work or explain the situation in different terms. You will not be notified if this happens.
How Star Ratings Impact Search Results
As part of the review process, you are asked to rate a company, application, or service using our 5-star ratings system. This system is used to determine an average rating for each company, application, and professional service and is factored into search ranking on this site.
Application and Service Rating Criteria
  • Price: Was the pricing competitive? Did you receive value for your investment?
  • Deployment Time: Was the application or service delivered in a timely manner?
  • Needs Met: Do the applications or services implemented effectively address your company’s needs?
  • Performance: Are the applications or services performing to your expectations?
  • Compatibility: Do the applications or services easily integrate with and/or enhance your existing or new technology?
  • Company Rating Criteria
  • Price: Was the pricing competitive? Did you receive value for your investment?
  • Responsiveness: Did the company quickly answer questions and respond to your requests?
  • Customer Service: Was the company professional and helpful?
  • Product Quality: Was the application or service provided of high quality?
  • Level of Expertise: Did the company understand your needs and have experience resolving similar issues for other clients?
  • Report a Review

    If you see an offensive review, click on the Report a Review link to let the Pinpoint and marketplace teams know. We will review your comments and take appropriate action.

    Reviews and Ratings posted on Microsoft Pinpoint and the product-specific sites Pinpoint supports are the personal opinions of the individuals posting them and not the opinion of Microsoft. Microsoft reserves the right to refuse or remove at any time any review, rating, or other material in its sole discretion, including if we believe the items do not comply with these guidelines or the Terms of Use