Writing Your Company Overview

Customers want to know what you can do to help their business thrive.

They want to know exactly what you can deliver--not what your vision or mission is.


Before you get started:

Read the complete Pinpoint Profile Guidelines.

See a sample Company Overview.


The first sentences of your Company Overview will surface in search results. Make sure they include clear and factual details about your expertise and focus areas.

  1. State your company's expertise.
    • [Example: ABC Enterprises delivers on-site and e-learning training....]
  2. Tell the benefit of what you offer or the problem you help customers solve.
    • [Example: We help your employees build practical skills they can apply immediately to improve productivity and lower your costs.]
  3. List the professional services and software applications you want to promote.  Use bullets to list.



  • Must be twenty-words minimum and maximum of 250 words. For most languages including English, do not exceed 1800 characters. For languages like Russian, German, Finnish and others in which words consistently have larger character counts, do not exceed 2500 characters. If in doubt, default to fewer words.
  • Describes your qualifications and expertise, or those of your company.
  • Must use your legal company name.
  • Should not include quotes, URLs, or contact information such as your company physical address, email address or phone number.
  • Should not refer to another Microsoft partner company by name, unless it is a subsidiary or somehow affiliated with your company, or you have a current agreement with that partner company to act in partnership and/or promote each other for shared work opportunities.

Unless you have work agreements with other Microsoft partners, referring to other partner companies in your profile can skew search results for your company and cause confusion for customers who are seeking partners with specific areas of expertise. If you mention working for or with another partner company in the past, please get the company's permission to do so.

Important note: The company name you list on Pinpoint must be the legal company name that is registered and licensed to do business in your region. Your company name cannot include Microsoft products.

Country and Language Requirements

Your Company Overview and Application or Service Listings must be written in the native language of your specific region. For example, only applications and professional services offered in the United States and described in English will be included in the Pinpoint marketplace for the United States.

When submitting your profile to a new marketplace, the website you link to must be in the same language as the marketplace. For instance, if your company is located in the United Kingdom and you want to add your profile to the German marketplace, you must link to a German version of your website.

By listing your offerings, you dramatically increase customers' ability to find you.  And you make your solutions available to be listed in Microsoft product-specific marketplaces.

Integrate the Right Keywords

The number one thing you can do to optimize your profile for search engines is to integrate keywords into your company overview and application and service listings.

"Keywords" are the words your customers use to search for your applications and services.  These can be action-oriented or product-related words and/or phrases that define:

  • The benefits a customer gets from using your application or service.
  • The specific tasks or objectives a customer wants to accomplish by using your application or service.
  • Metrics show that profiles that include words that resonate with business customers and/or align with the business tasks they need to accomplish get the most traffic and surface higher in search results.

Sources for keywords:

  • Listen to the words your customers use when they talk to you about their business needs.  It is likely they use words that many business customers might use to both speak about and search for the techology products and services you offer.
  • Use online tools like the Bing Keyword Tool by WordStream, Google Insights for Search, and Wordtracker.
  • Look on Microsoft sites for the Microsoft product your applications and services enhance or support.

Guidance for placement and frequency of keywords:

  • The placement and frequency of keywords in your profile needs to be realistic and relevant.  The goal is to create a readable profile that showcases your expertise and speaks to the needs of your customers.  Pinpoint and marketplace search engines scan the following for keywords:
    • Company Name: You may only use your company's legal business name.  Do not include Microsoft product names in your company name.
    • Application or Professional Service Name: Give your offerings names that tell customers what they do. You can include a Microsoft product name in your application or professional service name ONLY if the name also includes an additional descriptor or qualifier that indicates what your offering does for customers or how it enhances the Microsoft product.
    • Company Overview, Application or Service Listing: The first two sentences of your Company Overview and Application or Service Listing are the most important.
      • Tell people right away what your expertise is.
      • State exactly what your application or service does.
      • Do this using succinct, relevant keywords and phrases.
    • Competency Name: The Pinpoint and marketplace search engines match keywords with the name of the competency you've earned.
    • "Works With" Products: Call out the specific Microsoft products your application or professional service augments or supports.  Be sure to choose the relevant Microsoft "Works With" Products from the drop-down menu in the Dashboard.
    • Website URL: If your website URL contains a word that matches a keyword entered into the search engine, this will count towards your search ranking.