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Ballista - Application Accelerator for UAG

by PortSys, Inc.

Ballista is an application accelerator that significantly improves the load time for applications published through the Microsoft Forefront UAG gateway and optimizes datastreams which reduce total network traffic.

Ballista™ is 100% server-side technology that has no dependence on client components.

Running Ballista™ Application Accelerator provides seven main benefits:

1) Dramatically reduces application response times for end users

2) Optimizes web application traffic through intelligent caching and server request reductions

3) Boosts network efficiency by reducing bandwidth usage and balancing server workload

4) Pushes application performance beyond their design limitations

5) Enables more users to use the same resources in less time

6) No client to install, unobtrusive to end users

7) Significantly faster response times for end users, especially on lower bandwidth devices such as mobile phones

Ballista™ increases your overall operational efficiency and reduces the costs of running your network, by accelerating the performance of your web-based software applications. You get more done with fewer resources and less time.
By dynamically analyzing your web-based application traffic as it crosses the gateway, Ballista finds outexactly where to optimize application data transfer through your network (and the internet) using PortSys’ proprietary algorithms.

Other Key Benefits of running Ballista™ on your UAG gateway:

Runs in the background while continuously maximizing application performance

Reduces costs by minimizing bandwidth utilization by up to 70%

Decreases page load times by up to 90%

Reduces workload on your application servers

Instant real-time network efficiency reporting and analytics

Minimal management requirements (select applications / portals from the menu and go)

Seamless integration with your current UAG deployment

Highly scalable—Ballista™ can manage an unlimited number of applications and connections

Increases productivity through more efficient use of network resources and reduction in application response times

Significantly improves mobile device performance.

Ballista is quick & easy to install with your UAG deployment. Within minutes you can have full acceleration of all of your web based applications.

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