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Corporate Renaissance Group

CRG Company Combiner: Combine Microsoft Dynamics GP Companies

by Corporate Renaissance Group

Company Combiner gives organizations the ability to change their Microsoft Dynamics GP setup. With Company Combiner, multiple companies with the same chart of accounts can be combined into a single company.

During the process, an additional segment can be added to identify the originating company making reporting and analytics easier.

After using CRG Company Combiner, organizations are able to easily manage all the companies that they setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP - from a single company.

Company Combiner reduces the risks and time associated with manually joining companies together:
- the systematic method ensures a repeatable process for each company
- automation eliminates the chance of errors or transposition
- all the applicable databases and tables are consolidated, providing organizations with a complete view of their business

Gain efficiencies with Company Combiner:
- accounting activities and reporting becomes more efficient
- process transactions and complete reports from a single company
- the duplication of information is eliminated
- improve communications with your customers and vendors

CRG offers complete services when combining companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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