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Crow Canyon Asset Tracking for SharePoint

by Crow Canyon Systems, Inc.

Crow Canyon’s Asset Tracking for SharePoint provides management of any type of asset or equipment: computers, servers, buildings, equipment, vehicles, and many others.

Support calls are often related to an asset or piece of equipment. Staff and managers need to track information about the company assets - when they were bought, whom are they assigned to, what is the usage record, what support has been done, when is maintenance due, as well as information about warranties and support contracts.

Crow Canyon Asset Tracking is crucial to cost-saving efforts in equipment and facilities maintenance. It provides a simple yet powerful way to record and track asset information and activities, while linking them to service request tickets.

Key Features of Asset and Equipment Tracking
• Track detail Asset information including location, owner, deployment status and more
• Set up recurring maintenance schedules (with Crow Canyon Service Request tickets), track repairs and seasonal activities.
• Provide visibility to assets by location, department or individual. Filter related assets by category, type and age.
• Access manuals and warranties; link to support websites for customer service on the asset.
• Set alerts and notifications for asset maintenance and re-deployment.
• Great for planning, budgeting and capital equipment management.
• Connect with Lansweeper or other network inventory tools to collect Asset or Equipment information automatically over the network

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