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SharePoint Course Registration and Enrolment Module

by ELEARNINGFORCE International

Make it easy to control course enrollments in your SharePoint LMS

ELEARNINGFORCE introduces the new Registration and Enrollment module for SharePoint LMS. SharePoint REM offers advanced features for the administration of access to courses in SharePoint LMS. The tool can enrich both corporate companies and educational institutions to administer learner enrollments to their SharePoint LMS courses.

You can use your own predefined templates and create all your personalized registration and enrollments web formula templates selecting from loads of available formula fields.

SharePoint REM highlights:

• Native SharePoint coding
• User registrations and enrollments including manual or automatic approval
• Waiting list for filled seats courses
• Multiple administration views to ease job load
• Coupon option
• Max number of users per course
• Register one or many users in one session
• Enroll one or many users in one session
• Enrollment period with start and end date
• Pricing options – free, paid and coupon
• Invoicing – create your own invoice design for printing of invoices in PDF format
• Name Cards for badge/table use
• Text templates for emails, confirmation, reminders, moving user from waiting list to enrollment, standard Terms for enrollment and standard letters
• Advanced Form templates for Registration and Enrollment
• Multi-language interface using a language file

With the SharePoint REM there will be no more time consuming management of course enrollments.

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