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Agito eHRM - Human Resource Management System

by Agito d.o.o.

Agito eHRM product provides a web based solution for complete management of human resources in a modern medium or large enterprise. It goes beyond typical information management by additionally covering qualification and training, recruiting, performance and career management, competence model, absence planning, cost assessment, alarming, portal and personal sites, analysis and custom reporting, business intelligence, expert system etc.

The system also integrates with other enterprise resources and systems like Enterprise Resource Planning systems (e.g. Axapta, Navision…), Payroll systems, Identity Management systems (e.g. Forefront Identity Management), portals (e.g. SharePoint), Document Systems, Accounting systems, Attendance control systems etc.

Agito eHRM perfectly links with MS SharePoint 2010 and Lync 2010 as the basis for portal information/data, communication, collaboration, business intelligence, processes/workflows, search…) since it gives valuable people information (who is who, where is who, contact information, eLearning, business process workflows, approval management…), organizational structure information (superiors, subordinates), people roles and security rights (who can access what according to security rights)… and even more like people competences, interests, social networks…

Agito eHRM is also the starting point for MS Forefront Identity Management 2010, since Identity Management system gets basic security rights from person’s job assignments (position in the organizational hierarchy) and physical location of the person’s job. Then FIM starts processes for giving person’s rights to other information systems (in Active Directory, Exchange, Axapta, Navision, CRM, SharePoint…).

Agito eHRM also has indirect positive effects on business. Because HR department spends less time managing trivial core HR tasks, a lot more can be done on strategic HR projects with added value. Motivated people produce better results and the company as a whole performs better.

In every company there is a huge amount of historical data, which seems like insignificant and useless. With the right approach (Business Intelligence) this data can be turned into added value for the company, which enables proper decision making and ensures successful business.

With Agito eHRM support, company can save huge amount of paper. Instead of printing documents, solution supports electronic sending of documents and forms.

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