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FlexABM is an enterprise-wide Activity-Based Costing/Management (ABC/M) solution that identifies the true costs of all activities and provides decision makers with the analytical tools, models, and methodologies to effectively evaluate business processes.

FlexABM is the complete ABC/M solution:

- Full reciprocal costing
- Advanced data modeling
- Dynamic reporting

With sophisticated import wizards, FlexABM makes it easy to import financial and operational data from a wide variety of sources, including Microsoft Dynamics GP.

FlexABM provides intuitive costing of activities and processes, and is ideally suited to any sized enterprise or industry segment. By utilizing a familiar “drag and drop” tree structure, grouping and tagging, and roll up functionality, data modeling is uncomplicated, yet extremely advanced.

FlexABM Features:

- Unlimited modeling elements
- Group and tag activities with multiple roll-ups
- Multi-level activity assignments and cost objects
- Automatic attributions and activity driver weighting
- Detailed models that accurately express expenditures and use of resources across an organization
- Models that incorporate revenue and profitability
- Multi-dimensional reporting with any combination of products, customers, or other dimensions
- What-if Scenarios

With a low cost of ownership and effortless implementation, FlexABM provides a positive return on your ABC/M investment.

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