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Corporate Renaissance Group

Merger Series: Consolidate Orders and Invoices

by Corporate Renaissance Group

Merger Series, which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (SOP) module, allows the merging of orders or invoices. The cost per transaction is lowered and inefficient process are streamlined by merging multiple orders from the same customer before shipping and invoicing.

Merger Series can help Microsoft Dynamics GP users:

- streamline shipping and invoicing processes
- save time and money by mailing less paper
- use Accounts Receivables resources more efficiently
- reduce the cost to manage high volume customers

Merger Series offers two (2) options to assist Microsoft Dynamics GP users to consolidate customer orders or invoices:

1. OrderMerger - consolidates multiple shipping orders into one, individually or by range of customers, before shipping and invoicing.

2. InvoiceMerger - merges multiple invoices for customers before posting. Partial shipments can be invoiced at one time, saving the costs associated with multiple invoices.

Merger Series maintains the highest level of integrity. The "Track and Trace" feature reduces confusion over order or invoice merging by producing users with a detailed history. The report highlights the primary invoice and order numbers and lists all the documents that have been merged into it.

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