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Application Lifecycle Management ( ALM )

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    Consulting, Professional Service
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    Business Application Development
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    Microsoft .NET Framework
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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a practical methodology, which is executed for managing the entire lifecycle of software applications, right from initial to the final stage of its deployment. Risk management also plays substantial role in making correct assessment of complexity of software application, resources used and total amount of time utilized therein. The abilities of ALM platform are enormous, as it engages in the Process Governance, Change Management, Version Control, Task Management, Lab Management, Test Management, Dashboards, BI Reports and Analysis respectively. It is these very abilities of ALM platform, which help in tracking and eventually eliminating drawbacks and ensure smooth working of software. Agile methodology is currently put in use with the purpose of reducing the risks involved in the failure of software projects and increasing ROI at the end. ALM holds significant value from the standpoint of software development a company. The methodology also improve sallied enterprise systems, like the product lifecycle management (PLM).

Bitscape is a professionally managed company engaged in offering smart ALM solutions for the businesses across diversified sectors. Our cutting-edge ALM solutions are custom designed for:

• Providing a detailed insight into the product release readiness
• Addressing the complexities and variations
• Automating the development processes
• Ensuring complete lifecycle traceability
• Managing the software configuration
• Executing system model management and test management

At Bitscape, we are thoroughly committed towards comprehensive and efficiently working software application, which is beneficial for clients.

Let us know your ALM requirements and we will ensure that flawless software application is delivered.

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