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Elastic Datacenter

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Avanade’s Elastic Datacenter solution, based on the Microsoft platform, provides a dynamic infrastructure that empowers you to unleash your organisation’s full potential. Align resources with your strategic goals using our proven tools, methodologies and accelerators. Avanade can help you monitor and manage your data centre, so you gain a clear picture of how to lower costs.

Avanade’s data centre experts can help make it less expensive for you to deliver the services your organisation needs, at a level of quality you can rely on. These savings include hardware, software, labour and time. You can also save on a global scale by taking advantage of our worldwide network of delivery experts and offshore services to decrease migration costs.

Avanade can help you quickly design, implement and manage a highly efficient data centre, so IT can redirect operating and capital budget to strategic projects. Our Elastic Datacenter solution extends the value of Microsoft products and is designed to fit your specific needs. We help you gain a holistic view of your data centre, so you can readily meet service level agreements and support business priorities.

Avanade has a phased approach to streamline IT Operations through Integrated and automated management leveraging the Microsoft System Center Suite. Our knowledge provides the ability to automate processes involving both Microsoft and non-Microsoft components. Avanade has the experience to streamline IT Operational processes and automate the orchestration of these process, built around a model of IT governance.

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