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Cognosys Technologies Private Ltd.

CogDB MySQL Database hosting on Cloud

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Applications which use MySQL as back-end RDBMS rely heavily on MySQL server up time and performance. Cognosys leverages Cloud technology to provide high availability and high performance architecture for MySQL with lowest possible cost.
CogDB provides not only replicated load balanced replicated slaves but also multiple master architecture so that clients are able to connect to any of the masters based on low latency and least loaded server across network of servers thus minimizing time required to complete a SQL query. CogDB goes beyond the realms of existing solutions which at best offer only master-master or master-slave models by providing an innovative Disaster recovery system coupled with highly scalable design which encompasses an active-active replication with load distributed over multiple Geo-replicated servers.
CogDB offers the flexibility and power to your MySQL databases for highly optimized application performance with built in load balancing in addition to other cache offerings as an end to end solution.Cognosys Database As A Service - CogDB helps you effectively implement scalable and reliable database-driven enterprise applications.
CogDB is the ultimate solution for DBAs, to scale up and down as per peak loads with very low latency in addition to offering freedom from mundane tasks like backup maintenance and upgrades.
CogDB provides you with the power of MySQL combined with Cloud Technology leveraging high availability and Geo-replication. Reach out to us for an innovative MySQL as a Service offering in addition to multiple NoSQL as a Service Offerings from Cognosys.

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